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Andy Costa





Andy Costa is an Emmy Award-winning cinematographer who owns his own production company. Throughout his 25 year long career, he won an Emmy Award for his documentary called "Lap Ngo." Ngo is a Vietnamese painter who provided for his family with his artwork. Ngo was surrounded by despair, but decided to paint beauty. 


Andy Costa, a world-renowned filmmaker gained his education from many universities, including Universidade Santa Úrsula, in Brazil. He specializes in creating cinematic images with an extensive corporate background. Working with many consulting companies such as Ziglar, Phenomenal Products, StoryBuilders and consulting for McAfee, PepsiCO, ReachLocal, Trinity Industries and more. One of his most successful independent projects was the philosophy of Zig Ziglar “Zig: You Were Born To Win.” Andy Costa also creates online courses for corporations and consultants, motivational and marketing videos as well as documentaries, shorts and feature films. 


The reason I picked Andy Costa was because I was very intrigued by his accolades in the field of film production and want to learn how to succeed as a filmmaker like him. In his own words Andy Costa defines success as “to do what you love and get people to love what you do.”

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